As a leading salon in beauty industry on Ecclesall road is The Stylebar. It has three parts Stylebar, Nailbar and the youngest one Beautybar. I have been ask to create unique logo which will perfectly match whole salon branding.

I have chosen a popular beauty icon or idol for a lot of ladies I would say. Kim Kardashian is well known so her face was the right choice for the Beauty Bar logo. I did not use Kim’s face, but just the shape of her face.
As the Beauty Bar is focusing mainly for facials treatments and also eye lashes, I have chosen the letter “B” as it is the first letter of the Beauty and shaped it into elegant curve that remains shape of humans eye.
The main colour of the Beauty Bar is a mint green – turquoise colour that is very peaceful and fresh. This colour by meaning “helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word” which perfectly suit for beauty industry.