The One – branding

Multiplied colors added

About us

We are people with passion, with hunger and excellence. We represent The One in our daily routine

and want to inspire others to SHINE. No matter what happens or how big is your problem, solution

is with Him and we are here to point out that He is able.

The One corresponds to The One and only God, to our Father, our Daddy that we believe in. Not only

we believe in Him but we believe Him. We believe that every word spoken by Him is true and He,

Himself trustworthy. Our Logo says the story of unity between God Father, Son Jesus and Holy Spirit.

Three in One.

Every project that we make, we pray for and hope that it will make a difference in your Life.

When times are tough or Life is full of joy The One is with you. Let him in to your heart, mind or even

onto your T-shirt.


  • Complete branding
  • Design of T-shirts
  • Print of T-shirts
  • Photo-shoot
  • Website